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Rounds of features that give an Edge to Telemedicine App development

The high advancement in technologies led to pave the way for a better future for humans. Healthcare sectors have embraced the technology with open arms and using various coming age solutions such as telemedicine, EMR, assistive technology and so on. Telemedicine has added glory to the healthcare segment.

The landscape of the healthcare industry has overhauled since the introduction of long-distance delivery of treatment and diagnosis. Telemedicine enables the doctors situated at one location to connect with the patient located in another part of the country using healthcare applications on mobile devices.

Telemedicine have lessened the burden of overworked doctors, overloaded waiting rooms and work pressure of hospital staff. Amidst heaps of data and digitized platforms, and healthcare cost being skyrocketing telemedicine is a boon in the current picture. Today, specialists are amalgamating modern-day technologies for building accessible healthcare applications.

History of telemedicine

Although the concept of telemedicine has become popular in the recent time, the traces of telemedicine go back in the calendar. The beginning of telemedicine has gone back to eras using primitive techniques and solutions. People had used wireless transmissions, electroscopes and if we go long back telegrams were used to seek consultation.

At present, telemedicine has become a household name. The introduction of the internet has brought change to the delivery of care. Hospitals reaching to the homes of patients, now people can have access to primary medical care from any part using smartphones.

Perks of telemedicine

  • Easily approachable: Telemedicine software can be easily accessed by the patients on the mobile phone and desktop with an internet connection. The Internet is a must to connect with healthcare providers. Telemedicine application provides features that let the user share images, information and even the recording of the devices directly with the doctors.
  • Elderly care: Telemedicine proves to be boon for elderly populations and patients with chronic diseases. Most of the time, aged people are unable to visit hospitals for their regular check-up, here telemedicine apps bring clinical services at the convenient environment of the home. Telemedicine allows doctors for remote monitoring of patients.
  • Boon for rural areas: The rural population always has a hard time having access to physicians and medical specialists. Telemedicine software connects the patients with the physicians for treatment and diagnosis. In certain circumstances, the doctors can connect with the medical specialist to treat patients for specific medical conditions.
  • Cost-efficient: Telemedicine is the tool that brings hospital services to the home of the patients without any additional cost. Healthcare providers do not need to set up extra infrastructure or spend pennies in staff and other services. It is relative saves the cost of the doctors by enabling flexible and efficient services.
  • Increased patient engagement: With the improved quality of care, enhanced accessibility and easy procurement, telemedicine heightens patient engagement. Now patients do not have to rush to the hospitals for a mild increase in temperature, flu, colds, headaches, and other minor health conditions.
  • Saves time: Telemedicine services save the time of patients as well as doctors. The patients do not have to visit hospitals separately, stand in long queues to schedule appointments and spend time in the waiting rooms of hospitals. They can directly approach the doctors via the app, and immediate start diagnosis.
  • Enhanced quality of care: Doctors are able to provide immediate care as they telemedicine app records the patient's data. The doctors can have history and medical information of patients available on hands to go through all the information and readily start the consultation.

Must-have features to consider while app development

Telemedicine app development has increased the role of IT professionals in the healthcare industry. Developers are working rigorously in assistance with the medical experts to decorate the app with the best features.

  • Schedule appointment Online: The patients use telemedicine application to connect with the doctor and request for appointments on a fixed date and time best-suited to the. Telemedicine apps have the feature to fix an appointment and notify for the meeting.
  • In-app Calendar: Doctors can view their coming appointments and schedule for the meetings in the in-app calendar. It helps to track their schedules and prepare in advance for the meetings. Doctors have the flexibility to cancel the appointment in case they are unable to make it for the meeting with the patients.
  • EMR: Electronic medical records are the medical records of patients in the digital format recorded in the devices. It is crucial for telemedicine to have EMR integration in the system. The medical information of the patients such as symptoms, history, is recorded using EMR integrations. Doctors can view information, which makes the treatment easier as the doctor is familiar with the medical history of patients.
  • Video consultation: The online consultation becomes easy for the doctors and patients using the Video consultation. It allows the patients to view the patient's condition and provide diagnosis accordingly. In the telemedicine application, the patient can transfer images and even share the screen with the other doctors for procuring assistance.
  • In-app chat: The chat feature enables the patient to send a text to the doctors for asking questions and any query regarding the treatment. It is a powerful feature in the delivery of care. It renders to have a consultation in a nip on text for the patient who is unable to connect on the video call.
  • Online prescriptions: The doctors can deliver online prescription directly to the pharmacist. This feature works seamlessly with the application after the doctors are done with the meeting, the online prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacies. The patients do not need to take care of physical prescriptions.

The healthcare industry is becoming one of the most lucrative industries. It is the best time for healthcare providers to integrate telehealth app development into their workflow. It streamlines healthcare delivery and aid in enhancing patient engagement to bring more revenues.

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